Thursday, December 27, 2007

The vest in progress

As you can see this is going to take a while to set up. It starts with knitted squares that are joined and then more are added. There will be six rows before the main body of the vest is knit. That should go much faster. There will me a multitude of ends to work in too. [sigh]It is a bit of a challenge, but that is what keeps the gray matter young, no? Knit on size 6 needles and my gauge was spot on so I think the Trekking will work out well.

A little bright spot

It has been foggy and dreary for a few days. So here is a bit of a bright spot.
I have been trying to keep off my feet as I have a knee injury, so not much computer time. It is not my treadling leg, so I got the BFL spun up. Two bobbins full and now need to ply it. I also started a vest. It is a June 2001 Knit'n Style and of course the yarn is not to be found. No matter I am using some Trekking sock yarn.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

So Rocky, have you done your job?

I took some friend's three Shetland ewes to the breeder about a month ago. First is Rocky the Shetland ram. Then there is Diane and Kathleen getting the ewes into the pen. We had a great day trip and wonderful lunch at The Wildflower Cafe in Exeter, CA. Then on to Three Rivers for yarn shopping. Fun day out with friends.
I have spun some fleece from local Shetlands and it is soft and very nice. Perhaps if any of the ewes have twins in the sping there will be a new critter at my house.

Bag Exchange

Last Sunday I had my annual christmas party for a dozen friends. This year we did a bag exchange. This has been going on for years and years and in the past we did cookie exchnages. A few years ago it was decided that we should do one item for excnage rather than 12 dozen cookies as people are busy AND we did not need to be eating all of those cookies. Do not know why *they* did not share with loved ones like I did. ;-)
I have been lax with my picture taking, so there is no picture of the bag that I made. Here is the one that I received. It is lovely and the center square on each side is embelished with beads. Like it? I do.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Spinning BFL

Thought I would share a picture of some BFL that I am spinning. Got the roving from a friend.(thanks Patty!) It is the first time I have spun BFL. It is coming in at about 32 wpi. This is from a sheep called Buttercup or Butterscotch, I cannot seem to remember. I am spinning on my Rappard Mitzi, one of several wheels I own.

I have some Merino/Tencel from in "Sunflower" going on the Lendrum. I won it from Spindlcity when it premiered. The fiber is spinning up at 40 wpi. These are not my colors so I think it will wind up as a scarf for a friend.

Sorry the picture is not as clear as I would like.

Step onto the path with me

Come wander down the path with me. We will play with fiber and talk about the animals and I will show you pictures sometimes. I do not know where the path will lead, but I hope we can have some fun along the way.