Saturday, May 6, 2017

 Last fall I experienced ice dyeing with friends. I have been asked to share here. 
This can be a piece of cotton fabric, a cotton bag, etc. Also silk scarves were done. Fiber reactive dyes were used. Container to catch the melted ice with a metal grid and netting on top. The piece to be dyed is placed on the netting and then crushed ice is placed on top of the piece. The powdered dye is sprinkled in tiny amounts over the ice. Then you wait for the ice to melt! That is the hardest part! 
Gloves and masks are worn for safety. You do not want to inhale the dye powder. 
You can use one or many colors of dye powder depending on the effect you wish. 

The two above show the ice mostly melted. After the ice is all melted, the items are rinsed and dried, then heat set with an iron. The final step is to wash, dry and re-iron. 

Many items were done that weekend. 

Three silk scarves that I did.

Moving forward to last week..........More ice dyeing with friends. This time I took apart two silk jackets and a skirt. I  Have not worn one jacket in a very long time,  and the suit was never worn. I thought they would more useful made into other things. Project bags maybe. I also dyed some silk scarves. Two of the scarves were from last fall. I was not totally happy with them so I over dyed them. This shows before and after.

 Not happy with this set of pockets. Will over dye them this summer when doing an ice dye workshop.

The silk scarves in the photos are still very wet. That is why they appear shiny. 

When ironing the silk scarves, interesting things were revealed. 
                                     I see a couple of faces                                                   
                                       Long legged sheep
                                  Goat head on alien body 
                   A couple
                                             Rock Band
                                     Happy monster face

Can you see the images as I do?

Now I want to dye lots of things to see what can be reviled!