Friday, August 31, 2012

Support Spindle Bowls

I have fallen down the rabbit hole. Now I am on the look out for bowls to use with support spindles, of course more support spindles and ways to store them. These fabric bowls were made by a dear friend. They function as bases for wood, glass or ceramic support spindle bowls. Keep the bowls from slipping off your lap or leg. Sometimes I use a lap bowl as the Gin Glass in a previous post and sometimes I use a shallow bowl in my lap or on a table or beside me in a chair.

Spindle with Gin Glass

Here we have a work in progress on a support spindle. The lap bowl is working quite well. So glad that Cheryl bought that Gin! :-)  The glass works equally well in the wide bowl and in the base. Sort of a two for one thing. I am really enjoying support spindling. I have some on order from Malcolm Fielding. Cannot wait for them to arrive.

Demalangeni Shawlette

I finished another shawlette. This one is so incredibly soft. It is a blend of silk and wool. The pattern is Demalangeni by Wendy Neal. The shawl is drying now. I plan to add freshwater pearls to each point.
The pearls have been added. I think it looks nice and gives a tiny bit of weight to the shawlette.

Birthday Spindle

I was gifted a lovely support spindle from a dear friend. She made it from a hardwood dowel, a
porcelain drawer pull and a glass donut. The cork came from a bottle of wine. How cute is that with a sheep printed on it?

Afternoon Tea Shawl

I just completed a shawl for a dear friend. She is going through chemo and I hope the shawl will give her some comfort as she walks this path. It is the Afternoon Tea pattern by Helen Stewart. It appears much darker in the fist shot of it in progress. The yarn is wool/mohair from Kid 'N Ewe.