Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life gave me lemons

No, not the yarn or the knitting..........I am suffering with a torn meniscus and waiting to hear when I will have surgery. To keep my mind off of my problems and the discomfort I have been knitting this vest. 100% wool. It is called Glengary. It is one that needs a bit of gray matter and so far I have gone to the frog pond three times. I am on the right track now. My stitch markers help along with three row counters. The patterns are all different row counts. During this down time I am doing a lot of knitting, reading, bobbin lace,and listening to books on tape. I finished a vest that had been lingering a while, and have three pair of socks in progress. Could be worse. The most aggravating thing is that I cannot go down the hill to see my animals. Really makes me appreciate being whole. I will be that way again soon I hope.