Monday, January 28, 2008

Okay girl, you owe me big time.

Yesterday at the Bear Mt. Fiber Friends group meeting we put T.'s new plying head on her Lendrum. She was using it for the first time and near the end of her plying one of the treadle connectors broke. " what do I do?" As you can see from the picture, I spun the wheel while she finished plying. What are friends for? right? Slow, but better than nothing! Notice how yellow the connectors are. We had just been discussing cloudy or frosty drive bands a couple of days before and thinking it might be time for new ones.
It is snowing as I write this. Lovely out. Glad that I do not have to go anywhere today.

I did not get a lot of time to do anything at the meeting. Hopping around the room all day helping people with warping, weaving, spinning, and knitting. Good turnout in spite of the weather. Good friends and fiber and food to share in a warm room. What more could one ask?

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I am spinning some Merino/Silk from The Dizzy Ewe on my Rappard wheel. Pretty fine and it is taking a while. No plans for the yarn at this moment, I am just enjoying the spinning. I keep jumping from one thing to another and perhaps that is why it is taking a while to spin it. I have several knitting projects going, and the cotton to gin. Then there is bobbin lace and beading. There are three meetings a month of the group that I started a couple of years ago. Bear Mt. Fiber Friends. Trying to keep up with many fiber lists on the Internet, and RAVELRY. Oh my, one can loose days there! There is SO much to see. I tried to ad a link to it on this blog, but I have not figured it all out yet. Thought I was doing pretty well getting pictures to show up. [grin] You can find me on Ravelry as SandySpinsLace

2007 Pima

Here is a shot of my Pima of 2007. I planted 12 seeds, but only 3 came up. One plant grew to over six feet tall! I have started hand ginning it and so far I have a basket full of fluffy fiber.

Socks in Progress

Here are a couple pair of socks in progress. The pair on two circulars is Wildfoote. I put a staggered fern stitch pattern on the insteps. The other pair is out of an unknown yarn from my stash. I am using the Options double points from KnitPicks for the first time and find that I like them. One sock is being held on a tin needle holder. Birthday gift from a friend. Thanks T.!

My doll

I made a knitting bag for a friend and she made this doll in return. She is stuffed with lavender and smells so good. She is living among some of my little knitted bears. They are hand spun from various fibers. Dog hair, camel, llama, silk, angora and wool. They are happy that she has come to live with them, but I cannot introduce them as she does not have a name. Anyone have any good ideas here?