Monday, January 28, 2008

Okay girl, you owe me big time.

Yesterday at the Bear Mt. Fiber Friends group meeting we put T.'s new plying head on her Lendrum. She was using it for the first time and near the end of her plying one of the treadle connectors broke. " what do I do?" As you can see from the picture, I spun the wheel while she finished plying. What are friends for? right? Slow, but better than nothing! Notice how yellow the connectors are. We had just been discussing cloudy or frosty drive bands a couple of days before and thinking it might be time for new ones.
It is snowing as I write this. Lovely out. Glad that I do not have to go anywhere today.

I did not get a lot of time to do anything at the meeting. Hopping around the room all day helping people with warping, weaving, spinning, and knitting. Good turnout in spite of the weather. Good friends and fiber and food to share in a warm room. What more could one ask?

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