Sunday, October 12, 2008


Way back when, I asked Rocky if he had done his job. He did. Two of my friend Kathleen's Shetland ewes had lambs. Twins for both. I got a boy from each ewe. Sir Cedric was born on April 23rd. He was a lovely taupe and that is what attracted me to him. As he aged and it was time to pick him up he had changed. He is now very light. Ian was born on May 1st. He was black and now is a lovely cinnamon brown with dark brown underneath. Here is Sir Cedric then. If you look back at the post titled Sheep Babies you will see Peaches (light mother) with her twins. Ian is the dark one. Also there is a picture of Blossom the darker ewe with her twins. Cedric is one of them.

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