Saturday, February 6, 2010

Making a little progress......

Here is the way I am processing the wool breed samples. Wash with Kookaburra Scour after teasing a bit and picking out any vm. After it is dry, place a lock on the sample card. Comb or card the fiber. (I am combing most of them.) After I have spun the sample, I wind some of the single onto the sample card and then wind the rest off the bobbin onto a tp roll as you would with a nostepinne. I start with chain ply and then after putting that onto the sample card, I finish up the ball by plying from the inside and outside, making the two ply. Then it is ready to weave a sample and knit a sample with the balance put into a small skein. I am able to see and feel many wool breeds this way and it will help with decisions in the future for purchase or project.

Weaving a sample of the two ply with the Weave-It two inch frame.

Spinning the CVM. I think I am in love! It is wonderful stuff. I combed it with my Alvin Riemer fine two pitch combs and spun it on the Mitzi.

Here are some of the samples drying in the studio. The swift is good for more than holding skeins.


Jody said...

You have some beautiful comb sets Sandy. Alvin Ramer combs are top notch. Even tho I own an electric drumcarder, I do prefer combed fibre.
Your spinning is very fine and even too :)

Suzanne said...

How interesting.

My resolution this year is to learn to spin.

Hope to see you soon, somewhere