Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Challenge

The vest is finished. Two actually. The first one is handspun Coopworth from my girl Sierra. I have The Swearer Wizard software program. I can create patterns to fit. I used it for a vest pattern and added some lace stitches around the bottom and up the fronts. I am happy with this vest.

The second vest is from wool yarn that I picked up at an estate sale. I once again used the software to generate my pattern and added the cables and lace on the front from another pattern. It took some concentration to get it right. I used stitch markers and row counters for each section as the patterns each had different row counts in the repeats. You can see that in the previous blog entry. I had to rip back about four times. The fact that I was waiting for my knee surgery and on medication probably entered in to the difficulities. After the vest was finished and blocked I tried it on and I really do not like the fit. It is too square in the underarm area. Not the software's fault. It is my fault. I generated a pattern for a vest and should have used the choice for a shell. I was envisioning a nice curve to the underarm area. I do have more of the yarn so I can make another vest that I will like better and either rip out the first one or put it up for sale. See, you really can use those lemons. ;-)


Jody said...

Your handspun vest is lovely Sandy! I think the coopworth you have is a wonderful wool. I luv the long staple and beautiful shine.

Rosemary said...

That Sierra has the most beautiful wool! I'm almost done with the sweater - more urgent projects keep pushing it aside, but I ought to be done soon. How I love her fleece. Is your vest made with the 2010 shearing? The blue vest is lovely, too, but I'm partial to Sierra's, heh.