Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Played with dye again today

 I dyed Coopworth wool that was originally  pale to dark gray. First  Sierra Silver is now dyed plum.

 Next is Sierra again and this was a  pot of some mixed roses and a bit of magenta.

 Mocha Blue is a dark gray. This was done with dyes dropped in spots all over the damp roving and then steamed. I used peacock, teal and magenta dyes. The mix created some dark purple. All photos are of wet fibers, they will dry a bit lighter. This one was just playing around. I think it will make an interesting yarn.
 Garry Coopworth is pale gray and this was done in the pot after Sierra had been dyed. Exhausting the dye.
This is also Garry done in a lavender pot. I think this one is my favorite.

All dye pots have come out with variations in the roving. I like it that way. A solid color all the way through is nice, but a bit boring.


Jody said...

I just love that dark purple!
I have lots of different grey wools but no purple dyes...could I get that nice colour by blending red and blue?

Rosemary said...

Lovely, wonderful colors. I love that I recognize the names of your sheep!