Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dyeing with a friend

A friend came for a few days last week. We played with a lot of dye. 39 sample colors on wool and silk. 4 lots of vat dyed fleece and 4 painted rovings. All in one very l-o-n-g day!

The fiber was measured and placed onto plastic wrap after a good soak. Dye applied and the packages were rolled up and tied with some garden tape with the color numbers written with a Sharpe pen. Then steamed for about 40 minutes. The bottom photo shows some of the packages after steaming. The next morning we opened them and after rinsing they were put onto a drying rack. The garden tape was left with each bundle for identification.
This was done with some lesser quality roving which is fine for our plans. We are going to make sample books with the fiber and color information. The samples of wool are large enough for a bit to be put into the book as is and a bit to be spun to show what a yarn would look like.
My friend had mixed the colors prior to coming to my house. We needed to add vinegar to the stock solutions and some of the bottles being smaller could not hold the vinegar too. We poured some of the dye from each of the too full bottles into a jar as we worked. The jar became full so started a second jar and that one would up being about three quarters full. I thought it would be fun to see what *ugly* color those jars would produce. Hence the vat dyeing. One was sort of dark green (bottom of photo) and the other is shown in the top of the photo.

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