Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Birthday gifts from me to me.

This year's birthday gifts from me to me are two spindles by Phil Powell of Custom Wood Designs. The Birds-eye Maple weighs 21 grams and the Holly weighs 18 grams. Love them both. The fiber is from World of Wool. It is botany Lap Waste that I have blended on my Richard Duncan drum carder. I added some Firestar to the greens and silver Angelina to the purple. Just a wee bit of shine. I have only been spinning with support spindles for about a year. Drop spindles for a few years and 30+ years on wheels.Wonder why it took me so long to discover support spindles? Loving them.

Birds-Eye Maple


Jody said...

Sorry I missed your birthday ...Happy Birthday Sandy !!! Gorgeous gifts...I like to always get myself a little gift from myself :-)

Debbi said...

Those are beautiful! You did eat your cake first, yes? (grin)