Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trades are like Christmas!!!

Oh my! A box just arrived from Gypsyspinner. (Thank you Jody!!!) It is like opening a Christmas box. I sent Coopworth,and told her to surprise me. That she did! In return I got 1/2 pound of cria alpaca, 50 gr.rose grey cria and bombyx silk carded together, 1/2 pound of New Zealand Polworth, 75 gr. cria alpaca and tussah silk, a skein of alpaca/bamboo, and a sample of Gotland wool. Everything is so soft and lovely! I cannot wait to spin it. Think I will go pet the skein a while............


Jody said...

You are very welcome! I am enjoying washing and spinning my Christmas present!

~Phyllis~ said...

Nice trade. Jody does a wondeful job with fiber.
Loved your blog.
Happy spinning.