Monday, April 26, 2010

Wool Breeds

I finished the 46 samples in the Wool Breed Study box. I just worked on the samples as I had time in between other projects. This was a fun learning experience. See the February 3rd post for more information on how I processed and mounted the samples. I also made small skeins and hung them on a metal ring, so that people can handle them. They are tagged with the year and wool breed. This box will be invaluable to my local group of fiber enthusiasts. Now people can see and feel the various wool breeds and that should help with making decisions about what to purchase for their projects.

There is just nothing like freshly combed fiber. I have the first shearing from Seth, one of my Coopworth triplets to wash and then I will be combing it with my five pitch John Meck combs. That will be a good summer project. That is not all that is on tap for summer. I have a list as long as both arms and one leg. Of course the list will grow once the fleeces that I took to the mill are finished.


Jody said...

What a wonderful display of your Wool Breeds Sandy. I wish I could see it in person to touch everything. I know that your spinning is excellent :)
I have finished two large bobbins of Jeremiah and have started a third bobbin (it will be a 3 ply worsted weight)using lighter grey from Gary because I ran out of Jeremiah. It will be a fantastic sweater yarn!

Rosemary said...


Any possibility of more photos? Larger? I'd love to see some of the samples. MAIL THEM ALL TO ME, bwaaa haa haa.