Saturday, January 22, 2011

Color change

I have dyed the cap and mitts with strawberry koolade. More to DIL's liking I think. The cap is on a hat blocker. Finished the baby feather and fan mitts for myself, but gave them to a friend, so it is back to square one. Good thing I have more of the yarn left.

I spent a few days with a friend while her husband was out of the country on a business trip. It was the most wonderful few days and as always, too short! We knitted and spun and had a lot of laughs. I got to try her lovely Alden Amos wheel and it spins smooth as buttah......for ever and ever. There are deer everywhere in the forest. Bucks, does and fawns of all ages and sizes. They come to nap and play just outside the fence. It was lovely to watch them as I sat knitting. We watched a lot of BBC DVDs and it was a bit difficult to pay attention when the deer were around. The moonlight in the forest was enchanting. Wonderful memories.


Rosemary said...

I love that hat and those mitts! Beautiful color. Beautifully worked.


How nice to spend some time with a like-minded friend. Ahhhhh.....

Jody said...

Lovely rich colour on those mitts and cap Sandy :-)
Fibrey friends are priceless!!