Sunday, January 9, 2011

Roc Day Dyeing

It was 36 degrees on the patio. A dozen very hardy gals we were! The day was spent dyeing, spinning, knitting, and getting warm with wonderful hot soups and chili. The focus was on silk cap dyeing with some wool and mohair in the vat. The silk was either steamed or done in a microwave. Having a variety of ways to set the dye gives choices and helps with time. Important when is is cold and foggy!

Two caps I dyed, rinsed and ready to hang to dry. These were soaked in water with vinegar added prior to dyeing. Laid on plastic wrap and the dye applied in random places. Wrapped and steamed for an hour. I have and electric roaster oven. Placed a rack inside to hold up a disposable aluminum 13X9 pan. Worked like a charm. I poked holes in the pan with an ice pick so that the steam could circulate the packages well. Many packages can be placed in a 13X9 pan.
The caps will be spun from a swift at an upcoming meeting. This will be a new experience for many of the group. Should be a fun and interesting day.

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Jody said...

I would luv to have a fun dyeing day with friends like that!
Must try those silk hankies too :-)